Relocating accounting candidates is becoming more common now than ever, and for various reasons. But why would a company want to relocate accounting candidates? Consider these three reasons.

After Exhausting Local Area

When you encounter a shortage of skilled accountants in your area, it’s time to cast a wider net with your candidate search. Relocating top talent may be less expensive and more efficient in the long term than simply hiring and training an accountant with fewer qualifications. Moving a worker who possesses the necessary skills and experience means he can start working more quickly, and your company won’t spend as much time and money on training. Ensure you include an attractive relocation package in your offer, including spousal job support, home buying and selling services, full packing and unpacking services, and other benefits.

When Hiring Proactively

Relocate accountants who are seeking more options for career development. Sourcing, searching through resume databases, scoping social media and other sources are effective methods of reaching out to potential candidates. Depending on qualifications, interest, and need, employees may be promoted within the company to various positions throughout the state or country. When employees are open to relocation, they’re motivated to work hard and go above and beyond for your company.

There are many accountants located throughout the U.S. that are early in their careers that wish to move to Colorado. When the market is tight for candidates with a public accounting firm background (as it is right now) many times an out-of-state candidate is a great option to consider.

When a Candidate is More Qualified Than Others

Top accountants can be hard to find. Plus, it’s hard to find candidates who are a good cultural fit for your company. Try to hire your best candidates right away. After all, you hire accountants to fill a need for your business, and that need goes unmet every day a position remains vacant. The longer a job stays open, the longer a business problem is not solved, and the more money your company loses. Plus, taking more time for hiring and onboarding costs your company additional time and money that could be spent elsewhere.

Every company struggles with finding the right candidates for open positions. By relocating an accounting candidate, you can find the right person for the job that may not be found locally. For help placing all of your accounting workers, contact the trained staff at Trimble and Associates today!Let-the-experts-at-Trimble-Associates-help-you-find-the-perfect-match

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