Earning your Certified Public Accountant (CPA) license takes a lot of time, money, and effort. However, it will also will boost your professional life in multiple ways. Here are four of the ways becoming a CPA will benefit your career and personal life.

Career Advancement

Having your CPA earns you respect and helps you stand out as an expert in your field. CPAs must complete years of academic and technical training. You’ll be viewed as proficient in virtues, ethics, character and academics beyond the standard professional. You’ll achieve a degree of expertise, professionalism, commitment, and technical aptitude beyond the average accountant. These qualities are valued assets for any business. You’ll qualify for work with tax advisory services, business consultation, auditing, international financial reporting, IT, management consultation, and more.

Higher Salary

Because every moneymaking body needs and is willing to pay for specialized accounting skills, a CPA averages 5-15 percent more annual income and faster promotions than a non-CPA. In 2016, corporate accounting firms typically pay CPAs with up to three years’ experience $42,500 – $73,250 annually, depending on the size of the firm. Public accounting firms typically pay CPAs with up to three years’ experience $48,250-$85,250 annually, depending on the size of the firm. Income typically increases along with years of experience as a CPA. The salary estimates listed above are based on a national survey and Denver salaries will generally be in line with the national amounts.

Variety and location of Work

You’ll enjoy a greater variety of work as a CPA. You may be employed by an accounting firm helping individuals or specialize in international business, globalization, auditing, management consulting, and more. Because there’s a shortage of experienced CPAs, in many cases you’ll be able to set your own terms and course of action according to your needs and desires.  There is a real shortage of CPAs that wish to work in public accounting in the Denver area.  If you have 2-3 years of recent tax or audit experience with a CPA firm and wish to move to Denver, please contact us today! There is also a shortage of CPAs with a strong tax background at the more experienced level.

For those who wish to move to the Colorado mountains to live and work, contact us about opportunities at several CPA firms that could be a might be a good fit for your background.

Resume Boost

Having your CPA license means you’re viewed as an elite accounting professional. The demand for highly trained and experienced accounting professionals in the public sector is increasing. Many experts are retiring and leaving open positions at companies. By earning your CPA, you increase your chances of filling one of those coveted roles.

Earning your CPA designation can help you land your dream job. For further assistance with finding your next accounting position, reach out to the helpful professionals at Trimble and Associates today!Find-the-best-accounting-and-corporate-finance-jobs-in-Denver

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