Job Seeker FAQ

Answers to questions about working with Trimble & Associates Recruiting

Why work with Trimble & Associates Recruiting?

Working with Trimble & Associates means you get personal access to timely and relevant information to advance your career. Aside from over 40 years of recruiting expertise, our recruiters have years of experience in public accounting, tax, finance and human resources. We have access to information about companies and unique opportunities that we work on exclusively. We provide interview tips to help you through the interview process. As a Colorado-based company, we have extensive knowledge in the market, including salary and industry trends. We know the skills and positions that are in demand and have the ability to match talent with different opportunities. As a family-owned and operated recruiting firm, we work together to help find the perfect fit for you and the company.

Is there a fee for working with Trimble & Associates Recruiting?

There is no fee to you as the job seeker. All of our fees are paid by our clients. The clients we work with contract our services to help them find the best candidates for their company.

What cities do you work in? Where are the majority of the positions located?

We work with companies within Colorado, specifically in the Denver and Boulder Metro areas and the broader Colorado and Intermountain region. Downtown Denver, DTC, Littleton, Broomfield, Boulder, Castle Rock, Colorado Springs, Centennial, Fort Collins, Boulder, Golden/Morrison, Salida, Vail, Aspen, etc. We work with job seekers who currently reside in Colorado and those who have hopes or plans to relocate to Colorado in the near future.

Who do you share my information with?

We will ask for your permission before we share your resume with a prospective client. We realize each person and situation is unique and we will work with you to help take the appropriate steps.

How often do you have new job opportunities?

Frequently! It really depends on the time of the year and the state of the economy. Please check our jobs page for new positions.

How long does it take to find a new position?

The more experienced you are, typically the longer it takes to find a new position. For certain positions that are high in demand by employers, you might be able to find a position in a month or less. For job seekers with more experience in a specialized area, it could take six months or longer.

Do you have part-time, flexible or remote work positions?

We specialize in permanent full-time or direct hire placements. From time to time we do have employers that are interested in hiring part-time or contract positions. Check our jobs page for the availability of those positions.

Can you help write my resume?

We do not offer resume-writing services, but when we are working with job seekers in the interview process, we are happy to help review and critique your current resume. We provide blog posts, articles and interview tips that can help you during the job search journey. Throughout the interview process, we act as the middleman to help coordinate interviews, negotiate the job offer (base compensation, performance bonus, PTO, relocation assistance, signing bonus) and ultimately help to handle your resignation.

Why should I work with a recruiter instead of pursuing a new career on my own?

Here are several reasons to work with us:

  1. No matter how big your network is, our network is bigger!
  2. We know about jobs that are not listed on job boards.
  3. We will present your credentials on a confidential basis.
  4. We have long-term relationships with our employer clients. We can help explain to the employer why you would be a good fit for the position and culture.
  5. We can help you better understand the interview process, the backgrounds of the interviewers and what to wear to the interview.
  6. If you receive an offer, we are in the best position to help you negotiate your offer details and compensation package.
  7. We stay up to date on industry trends in hiring and communication techniques.
  8. Even if we do not have a position for you now, you will become part of our network and if a new position opens up that fits your skill set and experience, we can contact you.

How often should I be in contact with your office?

If we are working on an opportunity that could be a good fit, we will plan to contact you. We have a large database of candidates so if you are actively seeking a new position or if you just have an interest in being kept informed on potential positions, please check in with us periodically (say every three months or so).’ We keep our jobs page up to date; if you see a position you are interested in, please feel free to submit your resume again.

How do I get started?/Where do I apply?

You can reach out to us via phone or email. We prefer that you provide us with a Word document of your resume, so we have an overview of your background prior to talking.  About 75% of our jobs are posted on our website. We also advertise some of our jobs on CareerBuilder, LinkedIn, Indeed, Facebook, Twitter. We also have opportunities that we do not post, but rather seek out the right candidate through our database of active candidates that we have worked with on other positions or who have sent us their resumes in the past.

What type of recruiting firm is Trimble & Associates Recruiting?

  • Contingency search. Fees are paid by employers with a 90-day free replacement guarantee.
  • We have over 20,000 professionals in our database.
  • Our team includes active CPAs and experience in public accounting and tax, human resources, and finance.

What sets us apart from other recruiting firms?

  • We specialize in Corporate Accounting and Tax, Public Accounting, and Corporate Finance positions.
  • Our recruiters have extensive experience in public accounting, tax, recruiting and business development. 50% of our search consultants have active CPA licenses.
  • We have a database of over 20K candidates.
  • We are a contingency search firm specializing in permanent placements.
  • We work within Colorado (with some exceptions).
  • We recruit candidates from all over the country.
  • Clients include top local, regional and national CPA firms, and leading private and public companies.