As with any career, you’re always thinking about advancement and future opportunities to help you grow. Learn why accounting opens you up to potentially limitless opportunities, and how you can advance your career.

Job Market Growth

With growth in the economy and stricter laws and regulations in the financial arena, accounting jobs will continue increasing. Staff and senior accountants, financial analysts, business systems analysts, controllers and internal auditors will remain in high demand. You understand money language, your company’s complex financial situation, and how to comply with rules and laws better than your colleagues. Employees are constantly leaving current positions to move up the corporate ladder or retire. Because of these vacancies, you can receive higher compensation, sign-on bonuses, relocation packages, additional time off, and a flexible work schedule.

Since employers need to retain top talent, you’ll likely be offered more professional development opportunities, career advancement, and recognition for work performance to keep you engaged and happy. You’ll move more quickly through the hiring process because companies need your high quality skills and experience right away. If you earn your Certified Public Accountant or Certified Management Accountant designation, or even your Certified Internal Auditor or Certified Information Systems Auditor certification, your job opportunities, income, and potential promotions are even greater.

Career Advancement

Whether you enjoy examining financial statements, reviewing accounting systems and books, or organizing financial records, your opportunity for career advancement is limitless. Perhaps you’ll choose a specialty such as tax preparation, public accounting, or auditing. You may focus on risk management, a specific sector like healthcare, or teach accounting or auditing at a university. Maybe you’ll provide consulting for corporations, nonprofit organizations, or governments. Perhaps you’ll become a chief financial officer or partner in a CPA firm. The more education, skills, and experience you gain, the greater your compensation will be. No matter your career path, you’ll have a strong income, job security, and plenty of advancement options. As long as people make money, you’ll have work available.

As an accountant, you have a world of job opportunities available. For help deciding your next career move, reach out to the experienced professionals at Trimble and Associates today!Let-the-experts-at-Trimble-Associates-help-you-find-the-perfect-match

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