Although you want to hire confident workers, over-confident employees may cause conflict down the road. Likewise, hiring a candidate who lacks confidence will most likely result in underperformance on the job. Learn how to assess whether a candidate is too confident… or not “confident enough.”


You want a candidate who discusses their accomplishments and how they relate to the job, but not someone who tells you they can do a better job than you. While confidence is attractive, arrogance is not. Nobody want to work with someone who’s egotistical. They’ll end up causing conflict with colleagues, vendors, and clients. Overconfident candidates oversell themselves as having skill sets beyond what the job requires. They appear to be settling for the open position even though they believe they could get a better job elsewhere. You don’t want to hire someone who’ll be bored their first day at work because they think their job is beneath them.


A candidate who lacks confidence can be just as harmful to your organization. They may fear taking on new roles or tasks, be socially awkward, or not fit in well with company culture. they won’t speak up in meetings or work to their full potential, and the team will become resentful for having to carry their part of the work. An underperformer will eventually feel underappreciated or ostracized, diminishing their performance and harming team output. They will miss out on recognition, bonuses, and promotions and may end up being let go down the road. All the time and money you spent training them will be wasted when you have to hire another candidate.


Find the right balance of confidence and humility when hiring your next candidate. Look for a potential hire who’s friendly, works independently and collaboratively, and wants a close working relationship with  their supervisor. Find someone who’s assertive, self-aware, and willing to take calculated risks. Look for someone who’s trustworthy, goal-oriented, and wants to help your company advance. They will lead by example and engage colleagues in their work, causing a cohesive team that efficiently finishes projects and pleases your clients. If you’re unsure whether a potential hire fits this description, utilize a second interview to double check. If you’re sure they don’t match your qualifications, continue your candidate search.

Find the right match for your next job opening by choosing the candidate who balances confidence and humility with their skills and experiences. For assistance placing your next top talent, contact the trained professionals at Trimble and Associates today!


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