The New Year is always a time for making things better than they were last year. Like many people, one of your New Year’s resolutions may be to find a new accounting job that makes you happy. Follow these steps to find a great accounting position during the new year.

Companies Have New Budgets

Businesses have bigger and better revenue, product, or other goals and need workers to help reach those objectives. Hiring budgets aren’t yet spent, so more money is available for your salary. In January and February, the demand for top accounting employees is often greater than the pool of qualified candidates, especially since many employees retire or move on at the prior year’s end. Improving your accounting career options is best done at peak hiring times, such as the New Year.

You Can Be Proactive

The New Year is a perfect time to proactively search for an accounting position and move your career to the next level. Go above and beyond regular search methods and find an opening through different channels. In addition to updating your resume and cover letter and enhancing your interview skills, call a company you’re interested in, even if there is no open position posted, introduce yourself, and inquire about future jobs becoming available. Learn whatever you can about your potential employer through their company website, LinkedIn networks, Google, and other web sources. Follow up respectfully and regularly by phone, in person, or through email or social media. Attend networking events, ask for referrals from colleagues, and promote yourself professionally on social media.

Create your online portfolio, send your resume to national job search boards and accounting staffing agencies such as Trimble & Associates, and participate in professional accounting associations. Such activity broadens the expanse of your job search and opens you up to new opportunities. Being more assertive in seeking your next accounting position takes less time because fewer people will be applying for the positions you find, so competition will be considerably less. You’ll be viewed as an employee who goes after what he wants and gets it, making you very attractive to employers. Be proactive in your New Year’s job search.

The New Year is a perfect time to find your next accounting position. We at Trimble & Associates hope the steps outlines above help in finding the right position for you! For further help in finding your next accounting position in the New Year, contact Trimble & Associates today!Find-the-best-accounting-and-corporate-finance-jobs-in-Denver

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