Finding a new accounting job may be one of your goals for 2016. Despite all the work that goes into the process, following some general guidelines can greatly shorten your search and strongly impact your results. Use the following tips to find a great new accounting position in 2016:

Be Willing to Relocate

Willingness to relocate shows you will do what it takes to be part of a company. Viewing the job as beneficial to your career development is helpful. Being up for the challenges of a new city, people, and life experiences helps you develop personally and professionally, making you more attractive to employers. Being willing to relocate is important in finding your next accounting job.


Networking is vital to securing your next accounting position. Attending job fairs, social events, and meetings focused on the accounting world will help you secure employment. Researching targeted companies beforehand and speaking with representatives is helpful. Spreading the word through your contacts, especially those with the greatest potential of getting you a job lead, saves time. You’ll find out about openings that aren’t posted and potentially may be the only candidate for the job. Start utilizing your network now to get a new accounting position.

Use Social Media

Utilizing social media will help you find a new accounting position more efficiently. Social media widens your network by connecting you with friends of friends. LinkedIn has groups you can join to showcase your knowledge and meet new people. Twitter and Facebook allow you to follow and connect directly with accounting leaders. You can research company profiles to see if a business is right for you. Since most job openings are found through word of mouth, social media plays an important role in finding your next accounting position.

Use A Staffing Firm/Recruiter

A recruiting firm such as Trimble & Associates that specializes in placing accounting and finance personnel may be the perfect asset in finding your next position. We can find you openings that align with your career goals, salary requirements, and desired work environment. Our firm is composed of experts in recruiting and we primarily work with clients that are looking to fill permanent positions. Accelerate your career growth by using a recruiting firm such as Trimble & Associates.

Finding your next accounting job in 2016 is an easier process when you follow these guidelines. For more tips on finding your next accounting job, contact Trimble & Associates today!


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