We frequently receive calls and emails from candidates that are interested in moving to Colorado. The question always comes up as to whether you can interview and accept a position in Colorado without actually being here to physically interview with a potential employer. Here are some rough rules of thumb on this issue as it relates to candidates with an accounting and/or finance background.

Entry level candidates with a degree in accounting or finance:

  • You most likely will need to plan a one or two week visit to Colorado to meet with potential employers. It is difficult to even set up interviews if you are not physically present in Colorado.
  • If you are interviewing on campus with one of the Big Four CPA firms or a large national CPA firm, they may be willing to refer you to their Denver office for an interview.
  • Generally a recruiting firm such as Trimble & Associates does not work on a ton of entry level positions.

Experienced CPAs (2 to 6 years) with a public accounting background that wish to stay in public accounting:

  • We have a number of CPA firm clients that would be interested in talking with you.
  • There is a good chance that a telephone interview could be arranged and if the interest is mutual an interview in Denver could follow.
  • This type of candidate has the best chance to set up an interview without actually being physically in Colorado during their initial job search.

Other experienced CPAs, Accountants and folks with a Finance background:

  • You will most likely need to be present in Colorado to interview with a potential employer. Currently there are many solid experienced candidates in Colorado that are looking for new opportunities.  As a result, our clients and other Colorado employers tend to always want to interview the locally available candidates before looking at someone that needs to relocate.
  • The exception to this rule would be for a position that requires a very specific skill set or industry expertise that can’t be found locally.


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