Although you work with numbers every day in your finance career, chances are you’re not using them on your resume. Numbers help quantify your accomplishments, giving a context that helps the interviewer understand the degree of difficulty involved in your tasks. Learn three ways you can use numbers to enhance your accomplishments on your resume.

Quantify Money

Companies are always concerned about money. Think about your accomplishments in saving, earning, or managing money for your current and previous employers and extracurricular activities. Use action verbs when starting each sentence. For example, “Identified, researched, and recommended a new internet service provider, cutting the company’s online costs by 15 percent.” “Wrote prospect letter that has brought in over $25,000 in donations so far.” “Managed a student organization budget of over $7,000.” If you surpassed your goals, make sure you mention that.

Quantify Time

Businesses are always looking for ways to complete tasks more efficiently and meet internal and external deadlines. Think about ways you save time, make time, or manage time that will grab the hiring manager’s or recruiter’s attention. For example, “Assisted with twice-monthly payroll activities, ensuring employees were paid as expected and on time.” “Suggested procedures that decreased average order-processing time from 10 minutes to five minutes.” Anything contributing to a company’s goals, no matter how small, is worth mentioning.

Quantify Amounts

Companies are always interested in how much or how many of something you’ve created or overseen, such as 25 news releases or lesson plans for two classes of 20 students each. Be sure you add those items to your resume. For example, “Recruited 25 members for a new student environmental organization.” “Trained five new employees on restaurant operations procedures.” “Created process that increased production by 25 percent.” Try customizing your accomplishments as much as possible for each position you apply for, to show you’re the best candidate for the job.

The more you focus on quantifying your accomplishments, the better you’ll show employers how much value you’ll add to their organization. For help landing your next career move, get in touch with the trained staff at Trimble and Associates today! Let-the-experts-at-Trimble-Associates-help-you-find-the-perfect-match

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