Hiring managers may be hard to reach during a time of frequent vacations. Use the following three tips for finding your next accounting position in the summer.

Connect on Social Media

Social media allows you to actively seek new opportunities in an interactive environment. You can actively reach out to recruiters before a formal job opening exists, giving you an edge over your competition. You can establish your skills and expertise while overcoming potential concerns about your work history. This improves your chances of building a relationship with the company and securing an interview.

Send a Thank You Note

Send a thank-you note within hours of your interview for maximum effectiveness. Regardless of how much the interviewer and you connected, stay professional. State the position you applied for, one especially impactful memory of your interview, and how excited you are over the potential role. Reiterate how much you’d enjoy the work you may be performing. Keep your note short and to the point. Since hiring managers typically do not hire candidates who make spelling or grammar errors, proofread your note at least three times.

Ask for Decision Deadline

Before leaving your interview, ask about a vague deadline for a hiring decision so you know when to follow up. If the interviewer will be contacting candidates within a week, and it’s been nine days, you may touch base with a quick note and see whether a decision was made.

Ask whether you may connect with the interviewer via LinkedIn. If you end up connecting, you can build a long-term professional relationship whether you land the position or not. This could lead to other professional opportunities in the future.

There may be large numbers of candidates competing for one job. Follow these guidelines to help ensure you’re the one who lands it. For additional assistance securing your next position, reach out to Trimble and Associates today!Find-the-best-accounting-and-corporate-finance-jobs-in-Denver

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