To keep your company thriving, it’s important you search for top talent now. You’ll have your pick of the highest-quality professionals to prepare for your busy season and cover employee absences.

Hire Proactively for Your Busy Season

Before you find yourself in dire need of top-quality candidates, hire now. Baby Boomers are retiring, college students are soon graduating, and current accounting workers are looking for new opportunities. Candidates with a strong work ethic will be looking for positions now rather than later, so you’ll have a smaller pool of qualified candidates to wade through. You’ll have more time to focus on each candidate and expand your team. New hires will have more time to acquire their client base and form relationships before the rush sets in. It’ll be easier for trainees to help with monthly closes rather than the complex annual close. Your current workers will soon be taking off for summer vacations, so you’ll need additional employees to cover their responsibilities and ensure workflow continues. By hiring quality talent now, you’ll have enough time to integrate, train, and utilize new employees’ skills and experience before the busy season hits.

Be Prepared for Absences

You’ll want to hire additional workers before the holiday season as well. Many workers retire at year end, and colleagues enjoy taking time off to spend with family and friends. You’re going to need additional staff, such as senior accounting students on winter break or retirees with decades of work and life experience, to fill the vacancies.  On the flip side, clients take more time off during the holiday season and have less work for your company, allowing you more time to pursue potential candidates for job openings. You’ll be better able to take the time to find the person with the right qualities to fill your company’s needs. Also, you can ensure new hires fit in with company culture and are properly trained to perform their jobs to the best of their ability.

When you hire proactively, you’ll be ready for anything that comes your way. For top-quality help with staffing for your busy seasons, contact the experts at Trimble and Associates today.Serving-companies-of-all-sizes-finding-top-accounting-and-corporate-finance-talent

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