Having even a year or two of experience in the accounting world can make employers feel you are overqualified for many positions. Hiring managers may be concerned you’d be bored, unfulfilled, underpaid, hard to manage, or looking for a better position after you’ve joined their team. For these reasons, you must proactively change hiring staffs’ perception about bringing you on board by demonstrating you’re the best candidate for the position. Follow these guidelines to start.

Write Focused Cover Letters

Focus your cover letters by researching each company to understand its specific needs. Customize each letter to show your knowledge of the business. Focus on skills you possess and how you’ll benefit the company. Make it clear you seek a long-term position because you’re highly motivated, adaptable, and a team player. Show you’re flexible on salary, since you’ll probably be making less money than before. Focus your cover letters on specific requirements of each job and how you fit the needs perfectly.

Create Functional Resume

Use a functional resume to convey your top skills and abilities, and downplay previous job titles. Ensure you edit your online networking profiles, such as LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook, so they match your resume. Employers are likely to verify your information, so do a thorough job of emphasizing your key strengths more than anything.

Target Hiring Authorities

Focus on the person hiring within the company, such as the accounting manager or controller. This person has the final say in who fills a position. He may be open to considering you even if you have too much education or experience. Explain why the job suits your life conditions and career goals, and how the employer will benefit from having you on his team. Based on specific experiences, build a solid case as to why the hiring manager should bring you in for an interview.

Be Enthusiastic

Have a positive attitude, especially during interviews. You’ll have a greater chance of winning over your potential employer. Focus on how your skills and experience will transfer to your new position and how you’ll help the company grow. Smile often. Emphasize advantages that come with your experience, including a broad network, extensive knowledge, and the ability to take on much responsibility quickly. Describe specific ways you’re a team player and that the company’s success is more important than any one person’s. Point out your recent training and skill-building work to show your adaptability and desire to stay updated in the accounting industry. Stay positive while interviewing for your next position.
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