You worked hard to earn your CPA certification and want to make the most of it. Investing in yourself provides extraordinary returns for your career, as well as your company. Use the following career tips to watch your CPA path grow in 2016.

Develop Your Team

Develop your team through leading by example. Honor commitments, share knowledge, and perform assigned tasks in a timely manner. Be punctual, positive, and respectful. Take responsibility, make things happen, and be accountable for the results. Expect the same of your associates. Mentor and coach them to be possibility thinkers who achieve the company’s goals. Share your passion, develop trust, and position yourself as a leader. You’ll build a strong and loyal internal network, while setting yourself apart from the crowd. Helping fellow associates grow helps you succeed by building your leadership skills. Developing your team should be a vital focus.

Provide Superior Customer Service

Provide outstanding customer service by consistently exceeding expectations and generating value for your company. Exhibit a positive attitude, strong listening skills, and a proactive approach to resolving challenges. Seek to understand a customer’s expectations by slowing down and checking your understanding of any issue that arises. Show empathy, caring, and tolerance throughout your discussion with the client and involved team members. Create a solution in a timely manner to fulfill the client’s wishes. You’ll create trust, grow strong relationships, and add value to your company by providing superior customer service.

Create Business

Create business by networking with existing clients and asking for referrals. Utilizing existing customer relationships can identify unmet needs that your company can fill. You’ll expand business, strengthen relationships, and increase profitability. These actions will put you in high regard with management and increase your income. If you become an expert in a practice area, you’ll generate referrals for business that will provide high value to clients, result in higher fees for services, and increase your income. Create new business through networking and referrals to increase your value to the company.

Update Your Resume

As you develop your skill set, ensure you update your resume regularly. Because of all the new challenges you are taking on with developing your team, improving customer service, and bringing in business, you’ll want to record your accomplishments for accurate reflection on the value you have to offer future employers. Ensure you display your stellar work performance by regularly updating your resume.

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