Being able to work well with others is a critical skill for everyone. Teamwork-related interview questions showcase one’s ability to interact and work with colleagues in a productive manner and serve as a guide to hiring the right candidate. Use the following interview questions to identify true team players.

“Have you ever had an experience where there were issues or strong disagreement among the team members? What did you do?”

Because of varying ideas on how to complete a project, disagreements among team members will happen. Each person is still required to complete assigned tasks and finish the project on time. Active listening, cooperation, and flexibility are required. Seek out interviewees who actively compromise and solve issues to achieve shared goals.

“Have you ever been a project leader on a team? How did you handle issues?”

Project leaders have higher responsibilities than other team members. Leaders must communicate individual responsibilities in a clear and respectful way to ensure tasks are completed before deadline and quality standards are met. Competency, maturity, and reliability are required for team leaders. Look for a potential employee who encourages and facilitates cooperation, trust, and mediation abilities.

“Tell us about your experience working with peers. How did it go? Have you ever faced difficulties and disagreements?”

Due to differing personalities and methods of solving problems, colleagues will face issues when working on assignments together. Even if team members are friends, each must put aside personal feelings to complete assigned tasks. Active participation and commitment to the common goal are required under all circumstances. Find a potential hire who fosters team spirit, group identity, and collaboration –despite personal feelings.

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