Everyone needs to increase their income at some point. Although people can search for new jobs any time throughout the year, finding an accounting position is best done during the holiday season. Beginning your search several weeks prior, persistently following up, and expecting delays during your search are three key steps in securing a permanent or temporary accounting position.

Begin Your Search 2-3 Weeks Prior to the Holiday Rush

Since accounting firms’ prime hiring season runs from September to December, the holiday season is the best time to look for an opening. Public firms need to train new hires on systems, policies, and procedures before their busy season. Private firms need to finalize numbers and finish corporate tax planning. Many workers take time off during the holidays, which keeps staffing services busy filling the need for additional help. Connecting with a hiring manager in December may be easier, since senior employees tend to be in the office more when other staff members are off. Due to supply and demand, you can earn top dollar getting hired as a permanent or temporary accounting worker. It’s best to begin your job search several weeks prior to the holiday season.

Persistently Follow Up

Following up after making your introduction call, sending your resume, or completing your interview greatly affects whether you are offered a position during the holidays. Send a brief and respectful thank-you email after every conversation, meeting, or email, and a hand-written thank-you note after interviewing. Ensure you include your contact information each time so it’s handy. These actions make a positive impression by expressing your interest in the opening, presenting yourself well, and setting you apart from other accounting candidates. Even if you’re not the most technically qualified, you may be hired because of your communication skills, professionalism, and tenacity. Persistence in following up during your work search truly makes a difference in getting a hiring manager’s final decision.

Expect Delays

Be prepared for delays in your work search during the holidays. Hiring managers may be on vacation. Companies may close temporarily to give workers time off. It may take longer to hear back from a company. Plan for enough time to secure the permanent or temporary employment you desire. Be patient, stay positive, and focus on what you can control. Embrace the excitement of the search process and keep your momentum going. By anticipating delays during your search, you will be more relaxed and able to secure the permanent or temporary position you desire.

The holiday season is a prime time for securing an accounting position. Ensure you begin your search several weeks prior, follow up persistently, and expect delays during your search. Contact Trimble & Associates to take advantage of temporary accounting opportunities and supplement your income today!Find-the-best-accounting-and-corporate-finance-jobs-in-Denver

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