Phone interviews are one of the first steps in the process of finding the best candidates to fill your open positions. But how do you use your brief time on the phone to really gauge a candidate’s fit? Learn three questions to help your phone interviews be more effective for finding qualified workers.

Ask Candidates About Themselves

Ask candidates to talk a little about themselves, so you get a better idea of who they are and whether they’ll fit in with your organization. For example, ask candidates to share a story about something that speaks to who they are from a values perspective. Although skills are important in making hiring decisions, it’s more important you find workers who fit in with company culture. By asking candidates to share personal experiences, you’ll learn more about how they think, act and feel. Ensure you discuss personal situations or characteristics as they relate to the candidate’s work ethic and the value they would give to your organization.

Ask Whether They’re Willing to Relocate

If you’re looking for candidates who are open to relocation, be clear about it upfront. If candidates indicate they’re willing to relocate, ask to which regions or countries they’re willing to move. Find out what the candidate’s career aspirations are to determine whether relocation would benefit them by offering opportunities for promotions. Discuss job opportunities in different regions, and whether the company may relocate employees as they progress within the organization. For example, if candidates are interested in sales jobs potentially leading to management positions, explain where the best promotion opportunities are located. Be sure you mention starting salary in different locales, and how relocation may affect earning potential. Relate in as much detail as possible your organization’s relocation package if candidates have concerns about moving. For example, describe how the company handles moving costs, payments for incidentals, company-paid house-hunting trips, and related expenses.

Ask Why Candidates Want to Work for You

Find out why candidates want the open role in your organization. Candidates’ answers will provide insight into how much they know and care about your company and the open position. Strong candidates will have completed large amount of research through your corporate website and online articles ahead of time and will be prepared to answer accordingly. Perhaps they like your company’s products or services or the industry in which you work. Candidates’ diligence, self-awareness, and empathy will likely carry over into their work, making them great colleagues.

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