There’s always lots of debate over whether an employer should hire an accounting professional based on experience or potential. Experience shows you are adept at accounting work, yet potential brings about new ideas. Learn why it pays for companies to hire accounting employees based on experience, or why it may be better to hire a candidate based on potential.

  • Hiring on Experience

If you have years of accounting experience, you may be chosen over a recent college graduate. You possess the depth of knowledge from being seasoned in the industry, and you’ll typically avoid costly mistakes a novice might make. You understand and can perform complicated accounting tasks required to help a business grow. You know how to plan wisely and avoid expensive lessons of trial and error. You stay updated in the industry and are aware of constantly changing tax laws that affect a business. Your job is done correctly and efficiently in less time, saving the company money. You most likely belong to professional accounting organizations and have plenty of references to cite when securing your next career move. Focus on your experience when landing your next accounting position.

  • Hiring on Potential

If you are a recent college graduate and a novice in the accounting world, you bring your energy, comfort with technology, and new ideas to the industry. Your enthusiasm, recent history of learning, and ease with social media are beneficial to companies. You’re probably more willing to relocate, understand the importance of active participation in continuing education, and have excellent communication, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills. You’re probably more open to various career paths, such as financial reporting, management accounting, or health care. You’re more likely to be hired as an intern, giving you relevant training to enter the workforce. Employers can help you become company assets while you increase your salary. Focus on your potential benefits to a company, and accounting work will follow.

Whether you are a seasoned professional or a novice fresh out of college, the right accounting job is waiting for you. Contact Trimble and Associates for your new accounting position today!Serving-companies-of-all-sizes-finding-top-accounting-and-corporate-finance-talent

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