Part of running a successful business includes training and retaining highly productive Certified Public Accountants (CPAs). Satisfied employees are given enough incentive to maximize their productivity and remain with the company longer, reducing your costs of hiring and training new workers. Offering a competitive salary along with schedule flexibility, premium benefits, and work recognition are four ways you can retain your top CPAs.

Competitive Salary

CPA salaries are best seen as an appreciating asset. Investing in employees through a competitive salary encourages top work performance. Co-workers feel the company is taking care of them and tend to be more loyal and work as a cohesive team. Staff members who love what they do acquire new skills, knowledge, and experience and become more valuable over time. They stay at their jobs longer, saving the company training costs and maintaining a knowledgeable and efficient workplace. Turnover is low, employee morale is high, and your company is seen as a desirable place to work when you offer CPAs a competitive salary.

Schedule Flexibility

Flexible work schedules are very attractive to CPAs. Allowing staff to work from their desired location in their preferred time frame increases morale, company commitment, and responsiveness to clients’ needs. Utilizing audio and video conferencing, instant messaging, and Internet encourages colleagues to collaborate and enhances a sense of community. Workers then feel more empowered and motivated, so the workplace becomes more efficient and productive. Customer service and loyalty increase, along with staff retention and company attractiveness. Money is saved by not having to provide office space for each employee. Absenteeism, tardiness, and turnover are lessened by giving CPAs more schedule flexibility.

Premium Benefits

Premium benefits provide CPAs a sense of security and promote work engagement. Due to rising healthcare costs, health insurance is a highly desired benefit. Retirement packages, especially with company matches, and stock options for workers who stay a set number of years are beneficial as well. Bonuses, raises and promotions make staff feel appreciated and drive employees to work harder. Providing premium benefits improves work habits, retains CPAs longer, and gives you a better return on your investments.

Recognition of Work

Like all employees, CPAs need to feel appreciated and valued. Recognizing good work through personal, written, electronic or public praise improves employee satisfaction, productivity, pride in work, and company loyalty. Because relationships between co-workers are improved, colleagues work harder to contribute and share in team achievements.  Recognition of your CPAs work costs little … and pays off immensely.

You invest a great amount of time and money into training your top CPAs. Offering them a competitive salary along with schedule flexibility, premium benefits, and recognition for their work will retain them much longer. Learn more ways to hire and hold onto your top CPAs by contacting the accounting experts at Trimble and Associates today!


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