The role of an accounting recruiter is to match your skills and interests with those of a compatible employer’s needs. As with any other professional interview, follow these guidelines when preparing for your big day.

  • Update Resume

Ensure your resume contains the most current and relevant information related to your job search. Consider the types of organizations you might enjoy working in, such as small or large companies, nonprofit or for-profit, product or service. Include a portfolio of your work if possible. Take multiple copies of your resume to hand out if you have multiple recruiters. Be prepared to show the type of job you want with an organized, updated resume.

  • Define Work Sought

Let your recruiter know whether you desire temporary, seasonal, temporary-to-permanent, or direct hire placement. Consider your personal and professional goals, including whether you simply want to pay your bills, enter a new field, or look for a long-term career to help you professionally develop. Be open and honest about your background. Decide whether you want to work in a corporate or public setting, your salary requirements, preference for a large or small firm, and willingness to travel. Write down your priorities and discuss them with your recruiter to find the position right for you.

  • Rehearse for Interview

Your recruiter will ask behavioral and situational questions about your work experience and the type of company where you’ll utilize your talents and expertise. Be ready to discuss specific experiences that relate to those questions. Showcase your achievements and skills through your answers. Highlight your communication and critical thinking skills, leadership and initiative, enthusiasm and interest in your work, personality and likability. Show that you can analyze and solve problems individually and as a team player.  The recruiter is assessing how you represent yourself and helping you prepare for an interview with a potential employer. Ask the recruiter questions about prospective job openings and specific companies, and thank him after for his time.

Just as you would with an employer, be ready to conduct business when interviewing with an accounting recruiter. For more help preparing for an interview with an accounting recruiter, contact Trimble & Associates today!



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