Highly productive workers are needed to increase a company’s success. Sometimes annual reviews uncover a bad egg within the business. Learn how to be proactive when replacing underperforming employees.

Annual Review Finds Underperforming Employee

Evaluating individual performance to accurately determine an employee’s contribution to your company requires weekly monitoring. Each worker must be made aware of, and involved in, setting weekly or monthly standards to be met and informed through status reports whether he’s meeting those performance levels. By empowering each employee and making them aware of areas they’re excelling in or needing improvement, a colleague is better-prepared to improve their output to meet those defined expectations.

When a measurable accountability system like this is utilized, expected achievements and development are made clear to each worker, and shows they are being treated fairly and that their performance impacts results. Issues are then handled as they arise so they don’t become bigger. More time is focused on developing people and helping them manage their own performance, which should increase productivity and revenue. An annual review becomes a culmination of a staff member’s written weekly or monthly output, which more accurately determines whether an employee’s performing at expected standards or needs replacement.

Proactive Search for Better Hire

Proactively searching for a better employee begins with current workers and their referrals. Internal mobility is a highly effective method of retaining top workers and aligning them with their career goals. Allowing staff members to apply for open positions before the public ensures you get the right person for the position. You already know each candiate’s work history and whether they will meet performance standards. Referrals from current employees are an excellent resource as well. People often associate with others who have the same dedication and drive in their careers. Colleagues’ referrals are typically sold on your company’s culture already, and probably know more about your company than other candidates. Retention of those workers is often higher for those reasons. Look to current staff members and their referrals when proactively replacing an underperforming worker.

When annual reviews uncover a bad egg, be sure you follow these guidelines in proactively searching for a better hire. For more information on finding top employees for your company, contact Trimble & Associates today!Serving-companies-of-all-sizes-finding-top-accounting-and-corporate-finance-talent

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