Interviewing accounting candidates costs time and money. You need to ask the right questions to determine whether an interviewee has the knowledge and skills to help your company prosper. Use the following three out-of-the-box questions to determine the strength and cultural fit of your accounting candidates.

How do you stay current on accounting laws and regulations?

Although tax laws and financial strategies fluctuate all the time, and it’s difficult to remain completely updated on every accounting law and policy, awareness of current tax codes is necessary to save the company money. Attending a recent conference or seminar, belonging to professional organizations such as the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA), or subscribing to industry publications are ways an accounting candidate can stay current on regulations. You can gauge the interviewee’s overall commitment to the evolving accounting world by asking how they stay updated on accounting laws.

Can you tell me how you handle tight deadlines on the job?

Whether filing taxes, creating quarterly and annual financial reports, or supplying financial information requested by a supervisor or client, every accountant faces tight deadlines. Discovering whether an interviewee has the appropriate work style and personality to prioritize responsibilities is vital. You’ll want to look for an applicant who is organized, adapts to change, handles problems professionally, and doesn’t mind working overtime or sacrificing to get tasks completed. It’s important to ask how the candidate handles tight deadlines and see if their answer inspires confidence in you.

How comfortable and adept are you with technology?

Even though accounting software varies among companies, you need to know whether the candidate is open to learning new systems. Accountants use technology daily to identify, measure, and communicate financial information. Comparing financial strategies, preparing tax returns, and interpreting data efficiently and effectively are necessary skills for your company to function. Complying with increasing corporate governance regulations and securing financial data are also high priority. You need an accounting professional with strong technical knowledge and the ability to adapt quickly. Ensure you ask about familiarity with technology when interviewing an accounting candidate.

Asking about hard and soft skills will help you hire the right candidate for an accounting position. Be sure you inquire about ways the interviewee stays current on accounting laws and regulations, handles tight deadlines, and adapts quickly to technology. To find accounting candidates who meet your company’s unique needs, contact Trimble & Associates today!Serving-companies-of-all-sizes-finding-top-accounting-and-corporate-finance-talent

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